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Common Carrier Authority

No. MC-150261 (Sub-No. 4)
Fargo, ND

This certificate is evidence of the carrier's authority to engage in transportation as a contract carrier by motor vehicle.

This authority will be effective as long as the carrier maintains compliance with the requirements pertaining to insurance coverage for the protection of the public (49 CFR 1043); the designation of agents upon whom process may be served (49 CFR 1044); and tariffs or schedules (49 CFR 1300 through 1310, revised). The carrier shall also render reasonably continuous and adequate service to the public. Failure to meet these conditions will constitute sufficient grounds for the suspension, charge, or revocation of this authority.

This authority is subject to any terms, conditions, and limitations as are now, or may later be, attached to this priviledge.

For common carriers with irregular route authority: Any irregular route authority authorized in the Certificate may not be tacked or joined with your other irregular route authority unless joinder is specifically authroized.

The transportation service to be performed is described below.

By the Commission.



To operate as a common carrier, by motor vehicle, in interstate or foreign commerce, over irregular routes, transporting general commodities (except classes A and B explosives, household goods, and commodities in bulk), between points in the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii).

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