The Trucking Industry in America’s Heartland

Reliance Transportation operates across the country in several states, including the great state of Iowa. The heartland of America, Iowa depends on the trucking industry not only for jobs, one in every thirteen jobs in Iowa is in the trucking industry, but also to provide goods and stimulate the economy.

In fact the Gazette recently reported, “every day, trucks move over 350,000 tons of Iowa products. Additionally, more than 70 percent of Iowa communities rely exclusively on professional truck drivers for the delivery of essential daily products. “‘

It’s easy to see why we are passionate about the transportation industry with numbers like that. Whether it’s general truckload freight, food or beverage transportation across the country, we are proud to be contributing to communities that rely so extensively on the trucking industry for their goods and for employment.

Driver shortages are nothing new in our field but with so many people, jobs, and businesses depending on us to deliver safely and on time, we go above and beyond at Reliance to attract the best drivers available. Our driver pay averages between $1,200 to $1,500 per week, and we offer flexible schedules, paid vacation time, and competitive insurance plans. We know that truck driving is an amazing way to travel while supporting your family and as the industry continues to grow, so will more opportunities for the future.

Are you interested in driving for Reliance and exploring more of our great country? Reach out to us today!