Three Reasons Why Truck Driving at Reliance Transportation Could Be the Career for You

At Reliance Transportation, we know our drivers are the heart of our company and we value their expertise. We are proud to work in an industry that provides drivers an incredible opportunity to see the country, support their family, and build a long-lasting career. Have you been thinking of making a change? Here are three reasons why truck driving for us could be the career for you:

Starting Salary

The reality is we all have families to support or bills to pay. One of the biggest draws to truck driving as a career is entry level drivers earn a liveable wage. In fact, ZipRecruiter reports, “As of Mar 8, 2019, the average annual pay for an Entry Level Truck Driver in the United States is $57,509 a year.” At Reliance Transportation driver pay averages between $1,200 to $1,500 per week.

In High Demand

Driver shortages in the industry keeps good employees in high-demand these days. We offer Company driver positions, as well as Owner Operator positions, that offer competitive benefits and compensation packages where you will be appreciated and have the opportunity to build a long-term career. As the industry continues to grow over the next few years, so too will positions for hard-working and skilled drivers.

Community & Travel

Truck driving is a great way to travel locally, regionally and across the country while still getting paid for it. You may end up seeing sights and states that you otherwise would never have had the chance to visit were it not for the independence of driving.

These days social media and the internet also allow you to connect with a community of truck drivers across the country. From recipes to jokes, to job postings and FAQ’s – you have a world of connection and support at your fingertips.

At Reliance we value our drivers and we seek out only the best to join our team. For more information on how you can drive for Reliance, contact us today!