North Dakota Trucking – An Exploration of the Midwest

We continue our journey exploring trucking across the Midwest with a state many may not think of when they think of the trucking industry – North Dakota. While North Dakota may be known for the Badlands or the International Peace Garden, or even Theodore Roosevelt National Park, what many may not know is that one in eleven jobs in North Dakota involves the trucking industry and over 46 percent of North Dakota communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods. That’s amazing!

North Dakota is one of the largest producers in the country for canola, flaxseed, and sunflower oil as well as several other agricultural commodities. Offering city views in Fargo, Bismark or Grand Forks as well as incredible wide-open spaces, North Dakota has a unique landscape for truck drivers to explore as they travel. Whether you are on the way to Missouri, Montana, or somewhere else – you have the opportunity to explore local riches while building a career.

Truck driving is an industry that continues to grow and quality drivers are valued and given the opportunity to advance. As a Reliance driver, you make the call – long haul exploring the country or home weekly! We know how important flexibility is for our drivers, as well as competitive benefits and compensation plans. We have over 40 years of dedicated experience in the transportation industry. Are you ready to explore why truck driving might be the best career for you? We want you to drive for us!