Truck Driving in Minnesota – Land of the Great Lakes

The State of Minnesota is home to Lake Superior, beautiful hiking trails and waterways, boasts the blueberry as the state fruit, and employs over 34,000 truck drivers statewide. They make up a large part of the, “nearly 71% of all freight tonnage moved in the U.S” by truck.

As one of the states where Reliance Transportation ships food and beverage transportation or general truckload freight transportation across the midwest, we know what a thriving and important piece of our industry and national economy Minnesota is. We also know what a great state it is to visit and explore!

Truck driver shortages currently affect every state and Minnesota is no exception. The state of Minnesota, “is expected to add over 1,500 new positions between 2014 and 2024,” adding to the nearly 900,000 driver positions that our country needs to continue to meet rising demand. With that kind of opportunity, truck drivers can select companies to work for that truly value their expertise, safety, and that will offer them opportunities to grow in the future.

Not only do Reliance drivers get to see the beautiful sights of the Midwest and travel through great cities like Saint Paul, they also receive flexible schedules, competitive compensation plans and benefits. Have you thought about why truck driving might be the best career for you? We are proud of the successful and loyal culture of truck drivers that we have built. Find out more about driving for Reliance Transportation today!